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About Us

CEAD is a Nepal-based NGO. Established in July 2014 under the National Social Welfare Council, our nonprofit addresses contemporary environmental and developmental issues within the country of Nepal.

Nepal is endowed with abundant flora, fauna, raging rivers, impressive geomorphology, fertile soils, mines, minerals, lakes, etc., all coupled with the need to develop. CEAD is a Nepal-based NGO founded by a team of young naturalists and environmentalists who believe that development alongside the notion of harmonious living between man and the natural world, for livelihood improvement is not only essential, but a national duty.

Much of Nepal’s development addresses the dearth of adequate nutrition, sufficient employment, and social equality. While satisfying basic needs of the nation are being addressed, consideration for biodiversity remains second priority for many. With an expertise in natural resource management and environmental science, CEAD delivers such necessities to various communities through community planning and local level partnerships.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To encourage environmentally-mindful development whilst delivering improved livelihood action nationwide.

Vision: To transform the quality of life for the people of Nepal through the promotion and integration of socio-economic and sustainable development (with consideration for living harmoniously within the natural world)