Adopt an ICS

Climate change adaptation and livelihood is CEAD's primary area of work and we are supporting the Government of Nepal target "Clean Cooking Solution to ALL"


Nearly 3 billion people rely on the traditional use of solid biomass for cooking. Each year nearly 4.3 million peoples death can be attributed to household air pollution resulting from the traditional use of solid biomass. Indoor Air Pollution is the fourth biggest health risk in the world.

In Nepal, over 74% of rural families depend on biomass like fuel wood and animal dung for cooking and it is noted that 7400 people dies in Nepal every year from health related diseases.

Adopt an ICS is a campaign where we thrive to support rural households of Nepal by installing a clean cook stove from individual / group and corporations support. This campaign links a donor and recipient and shares a personal story. We will play a role of intermediary between them and facilitate a donor in using the donation in wise way.

Why adopt an ICS?

  1. To reduce the health risks, mostly to children and women where traditional stove has been still used for cooking purpose.
  2. To reduce the GHG emissions this would ultimately help to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  3. For sustainable management of forest and its resources. · To reduce the fire hazard in Kitchen.
  4. To reduce the fire hazard in Kitchen.

Who will benefit?

People and Nature: Poor people of rural Nepal who aren't financially capable to buy an ICS by their own. And also using an ICS will help to save our forest resources and biodiversity with ultimate benefit in saving the natural resources.

How it works?

We identify a needy household in rural area of Nepal who is in dire need of an ICS. After that we seek for donor like you who fund them an ICS through this platform.

Adopt an ICS is an open platform for individual, organization and corporate donors willing to adopt an ICS in their name. After receiving the funds we deliver a cook stove to identified household. We will monitor that ICS in every six months for three times. We send the details and picture of the receiving family in your email. You can also contact us if you want to know more about that family who received an ICS with your funding. Please fill up the form below to proceed.

What type of ICS we provide?

The type of ICS will depend upon the area of distribution. We have Mud ICS and Metallic ICS.

How much does it cost?

The total price to adopt a single ICS is Rs. 2500 (25 USD).