Cooking Stoves

Smoke from cooking stoves are exposed to the lungs of women and children for up to 3-5 hours a day.
  1. Smoke weakens lungs and makes them more susceptible to contracting the potentially lethal Tuberculosis

  2. 45% of the Entire population of Nepal is infected with Tuberculosis

  3. 40,000 people get Tuberculosis every year

  4. The risk of Tuberculosis is 3.5 times greater for women using biomass fuel for household heating and cooking than those who use “improved cooking stoves”

Our job:

  1. Education and Tools:
    1. We aspire to educate all of Nepal on the use of Improved Cooking Stoves and the benefits, thus reducing the use of biomass and the negative implications of human health.
    2. We work with local communities facing the issues first hand, providing them with the skills and support they need to help communities set up practical and sustainable projects. We aspire to deliver technologies and training sessions that fit the local context and people who are maintaining and using them.
  2. Our Partners:

  3. In Action: We are currently working with communities in the Western, Terrai that have been devastated by mass flooding during the monsoon months due to rapid deforestation and climate change

Our present “target communities” are those who are socioeconomically and culturally marginalized. Click here to Support CEAD in delivering Improved Cooking Stoves to the people of Nepal.