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Tents distributed in Deusa VDC of Solukhumbu

May, 31st 2015

Tents distributed in Deusa VDC of Solukhumbu

In support of Biet Chabad in Nepal and Rotary International (Districts 7390 and 3292), CEAD and National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) distributed 60 tents in May 26 - 28 in Deusa VDC of Solukhumbu district. Local villagers also supported the pas cher replique montres team for installation of the tents and the work was appreciated by the local VDC officials as well.

Mount Everest, world's highest mountain lies in Solukhumbu district and is one of the places with large number of tourists flow for trekking and expedition. 

This district was largely hit by earthquake and figure shows that almost 38000 people were affected in the region. Due to the inaccessibility of road and transportation the relief distribution is being hard in this Himalayan area.